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Recently Added Recipes:

NameStyle SRMABVRating IBUCreated
Colo-Belgique 2016 14B 8.5%2543.811/19/16
Session 16 IPA 10A 5.3%2542.67/30/16
Basic Bitch Pale 10A 5.8%2543.86/4/16
Farmhouse-1 16C 5.9%2527.75/28/16
Red RyePA 14B 5.7%054.310/3/15
Black Joe IPA 14B 7%0649/5/15
4th Quarter IPA 14B 4.9%2544.48/28/15
Chapati IPA 14B 5.2%057.56/6/15
Paul's Dortmunder 1E 2.6%2526.15/27/15
Ryeson Debtor 16E 7.9%2547.75/25/15
Vienna Lager 3A 5.9%2525.55/15/15
Soyawana Saison 16C 6.6%25373/12/15
Snow Storm Pale 10A 5.8%2547.72/21/15
Capital Hill Amber 10B 4.8%2546.812/20/14
Hop Diggity IPA 14B 6.7%2584.611/15/14
Downslope India Red Ale 14B 7.2%068.79/6/14
Cascade Pale 2 10A 5.9%2548.98/24/14
Other Mother Pale 10A 5.4%2552.45/11/14
IDA 14B 7.9%2558.92/15/14
Altar Boy 7C 4.6%2542.91/22/14

Highest Rated Recipes:

NameIBU SRMABVRating TypeCreated
Mongrel IPA 14B 7%3074.44/6/11
Paul's IPA 14B 6.7%2864.25/20/12
IDA 14B 7.9%2558.93/6/14
Vienna Lager 3A 5.9%2525.55/16/15
Basic Bitch Pale 10A 5.8%2543.86/5/16
Green Pale Ale 10A 4.5%2546.34/6/11
Paul's Pilsner 2A 4.8%2534.26/24/12
Motherlover Pale Ale 10A 5.4%2539.67/20/11
Basic Mead 24A 6.7%2501/16/13
red barley wine - amber partigyle 19C 8%2563.58/29/13
Paul's Porter 12A 5.3%2530.54/5/11
Paul's Summer Amber 10B 4.8%2528.14/5/11
Dampf Vater 7B 4.9%2541.16/20/11
Bavarian Hefe Mead 24B 8.5%2503/25/13
Blood Orange Hefe 15A 7.6%2521.912/24/13
Snow Storm Pale 10A 5.8%2547.72/21/15
Paul's Oatmeal Stout 13C 5.7%2525.64/5/11
Chocolate Rye 12B 4.6%2539.45/2/11
Paul's Mexican Lager 1C 5.8%2534.26/24/12
Spiced kayumanggi 10C 7.2%2528.210/9/13

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